1. place - Sewio
Sewio solutions use precise location data and wireless sensors to help find, protect, optimize or control the things that matter the most – people, equipment and assets. Using ultra-wide band radio technology, real-time location and modern web based technologies for monitoring and control. Sewio’s solutions are used to protect the safety of employees and machinery, find efficiencies in production and warehousing, and improve processes. Sewio products are used in a wide range of industries including automotive, warehousing and logistics, entertainment, retail, mining and healthcare. This successful startup got one million dollars from the investment fund Y Soft Ventures in 2015. Sewio Networks has two founders. One of them is Lubomír Mráz, who currently works as technical director. The other founder is Milan Šimek, who works as CEO in the company. They met at University of Technology in Brno.

2. place - LumiTRIX
LumiTRIX is a technology startup based in Kopřivnice. They design, develop and build tools and solutions for permanent outdoor video-mapping installations in the city environment. Their original projectors illuminate objects, architecture and landmarks with ideas brought by their creative team. They enrich architecture with a cinematic experience. Their long term goal is to deliver best tools and solutions for permanent outdoor video-mapping world-wide. LumiTRIX services (creative agency), technology (projectors) and SW solutions (special tools) allows users to easily deploy and produce video-mapping shows for a long period of time, thus opening yet unexplored landscapes of commercial use for this art form, i.e. Christmas decoration market, creative lightning advertisements or cinematic architecture experience. Lukáš Brus is the author of this project. He considers of himself as a visionary innovator and product designer.

3. place - Skinners
Skinners are compact shoes that can be easily rolled up and put in the pocket and taken everywhere: skating, cycling, while traveling, to the gym etc. The founder decided to get the necessary money for starting for this company through crowdfunding campaign. More than three weeks before the end of the campaign their supporters sent them over 200.000 Czech crowns at Czech crowdfunding platform This also means that their supporters pre-ordered over three hundred pairs of "shoes", which they had seen only on video and they could not try them out. This product is the idea of Petr Procházka. He worked in Norway when this idea came to his mind. He wanted to create the shoes that would be as a reserve option when someone is traveling.

4. place - Angee
Angee is the security system that follows on the current trends in smart devices. Everything is wireless, without frequent recharging (with a charge only once a year). Installation is fast, it takes only a few seconds. The rotation of this system is 360 °. The perfect cylinder only rotates its chamfered head, which is dominated by a single eye and a speaker on the top. The customers can check their home by application which is installed in the smart phones. The development will take place in the Czech Republic. The production will take place in China. When the finished product will be marketed (this should happen in the autumn 2016), it will come primarily at the American market. Tomáš Turek is the author of this project. He is currently the CEO of the company.

5. place - Dateio
Dateio is a fintech startup based in Prague. The team has developed a platform used for targeted marketing, which uses unique card-linked offers based on previous card purchases while also connecting merchants and bank clients. Dateio uses card transaction data to deliver personalized discount offers from merchants to bank clients. The project was successfully launched in October 2015 with first bank client - UniCredit Bank - fully on board. Since the launch, Dateio has increased the number of merchant partners from 25 to almost 90, and the number of users from 700 to 17,000 by end of 2015. This project manages Ondřej Knot. He is the CEO of this company and he is responsible for communication with the banks. He has extensive experience in advising for the financial institutions. He worked as a manager at Oliver Wyman in London, where he focused on strategic projects in the field of IT, Operations and Risks.

6. place - Virtubio
It is the first tool in the context of recruitment, which uses the gamifique simulation in work situations. Virtubio represents a new generation of tools for creating a profile of applicants to attract, engage and identify talented workforce at an early stage of the recruitment process. The company was awarded at the Week of Business as the most promising start-up in the Czech environment. Behind the project stands Lukáš Paleček, who is also a partner and the managing director of Moravian Language School.

7. place - is the on-line BI application focused on financial reporting and planning related to corporate finance and in-depth interpretation of the Cash Flow. Always provides fitting information for decision-making and management control – whether in business, manufacturing company or non-profit organization. Thanks to the Cloud in 90 % cases the initial investment is practically zero. Financial management secures all important information by a couple of clicks. It monitors and measures the output and its related costs and balance sheet items across the company. Michal Rozehnal is the author of this project. He works as the CEO of the company. He knows a lot about the standards of reporting and financial modeling. He is responsible for the management and affiliate sales in the company.

8. place -Inspireli
INSPIRELI is the first social network for architects in the world. It offers thousands of inspiring photographs of housing designs, a world-wide presentation for architects free of charge and an opportunity to establish a direct contact with architects and designers. Co-founder of this project is Kamil Simkovic.

9. place - Contiqua
The company is focused on the designing and manufacturing of the products from the industrial waste. The basis is that the company comes from the increased interest in the environment, and the fact that each product can have its own story. The company collaborates with other companies, such as 3M, Wiesner Hager, Petrof Ateh. The founder of this company is Jindřich Fialka. He started as the jewellery maker in the studio of Jan Brabenec. He created the brands Inauris and ReeflexDesign. He studied at Charles University in Prague, majoring in anthropology, sociology and philosophy.

10. place - 101 Touch
101 Touch is the young technology company. The key product of this company is the revolutionary keyboard 101touch. The keyboard can be changed according to customer requirements or by the software program. The company is currently dealing with three producers about a possible production. The technology is known and used in tablets. The owner of this company is Jiří Zeronik.